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Installation Art with 3rd Graders

Installation Art with 3rd Graders

Third graders enjoyed learning about a different type of art – installation art! They loved looking at lots of examples online and had great discussions about it with every class. We talked about how it can make us feel (scared, tiny, overwhelmed, excited) or how it can be meta (trees made out of pages from books, a display of giant colored pencils in the middle of a forest.) They loved the idea of how big it could be and how some of them are things they can do themselves (solo cup or bottle art in fences.)
For our group installation project, we made a gum ball machine for each character trait they learn about throughout the school year – there are nine of them and they are hung on the big columns in the third grade hall. Then each table in each class (I have 6 3rd grades) were assigned a different character trait and they had to draw and write about that trait on their gum ball. At the end of the class, we took them downstairs and they hung their own gum ball in the correct machine. It’s made a really colorful display and they like that it’s so BIG!