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Laurel Burch’s Fantastical Feline Collages


I’ve never been a HUGE fan of Laurel Burch’s artwork but I am a fan of the very cute take on her work by my fabulous 2nd graders. I saw this project at Deep Space Sparkle and thought my kids could totally rock it. As usual, they did not disappoint and their Fantastical Felines are looking amazing. They are pretty stoked about getting to paint the flowers for the background next week.
We discussed Burch and looked at her website. They loved the stylized cats and all of the colors and lines and patterns she used. Then we cut out the basic cat shape by folding a piece of colored paper in half. Then we cut out the eyes and discussed how a cat’s eyes are different from our eyes. Then we added the “cheeks” and whiskers with scrap paper. We used Sharpie’s to outline the eyes and add the nose and mouth. The last thing we did on the first day was to add the strips of paper, cutting different lines on different colors of paper.
This is our success so far. I’ll add more as we go! 🙂