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Summer Job – week one


Summer jobs. Most people hate them. I love mine! Working with the Parks & Rec Dept and the challenge program allows me to get kids outside and doing things I never had the courage to do as a kid. I barely have the courage to do some of our activities now! 🙂
We just finished our Pre-Challenge week for kids ages 7-9. We climbed, hiked, canoed, and spent the last day at the Fork Farm fishing, hiking, and meeting horses and hunting dogs. It was so much fun.

Tomorrow I will leave on another new adventure: hiking a small section of the Appalachian Trail. We will be hiking a little over 30miles from Greyson Highlands to Damascus. I am very excited about it but also very nervous. It’s only been THE hottest days of the year this week. Hoping for some cooler temps in the mountains of VA.

Here are a couple pictures from Pre-Challenge. Some of them are my students, which is cool to get to see them outside of the art room and pushing themselves in a different way!