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Fifth grade altered book art journals


So I’m venturing into a new territory with my fifth graders this year. We are attempting to alter books and make them into art journals. Luckily, there are TONS of websites and blogs about this art form.
Our school librarian cleaned out the shelves this year and I snagged enough of the old books for my fifth graders to each have their own. I went ahead and primed the covers with just cheap primer to give them a not-so-shiny surface to start on.
We started mod-podging newspaper over the covers and next week we will decorate with all kinds of stuff (color tissue paper, buttons, puff paint, sequins, stickers, etc).
The kids seem really excited about it and I’m looking forward to seeing them evolve.

If you’re interested in doing this with your classes or just on your own, I found some of my best info here: ArtJournalist.com
Also, Daisy Yellow is a fantastic artist and she also shares great information about supplies.