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No, Ryan Gosling, you may NOT put up my bulletin boards. 


He wouldn’t do it right!!! 

Maybe one day I won’t be so OCD and will let people (hopefully Ryan) help me. Now, if I can just figure out how to keep the kids from leaning against them in the halls…

Winter and Holiday Bulletin Boards


A few bulletin boards I’ve been working on…



This one still has a couple of spots waiting to be filled! 🙂


Here some more reindeer with their applications attached. Love these.


Around the classroom…

Around the classroom…

Here are some new things I have going on in my classroom.
I now post the “I can” statements on the board for each grade.



I also have a Free Draw Challenge. It’s a list of challenges for them to do if they have extra time and want to “free draw.” In the past, I let them draw whatever on their free draw paper and sometimes I would get nice drawings but most of the time I would see tic tac toe or them writing their name or a bunch of scribbles. This gives them a choice while still keeping them focused on a complete picture.


This is a new page of challenges for Fall/Halloween.


And this last picture is not a new thing but I laminated it and hung it in a different spot. I think it’s so pretty. I have four more color wheels to laminate and hang around it.