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Saving the planet – Dr. Seuss style!


The amazing Dr. Seuss will soon have a birthday (March 2nd) so kindergarten and I will be getting a jump on the festivities by making some Lorax inspired portraits this week. If you can’t tell from lots of my other projects, I LOVE using the Apple program, Photobooth for art projects. The kids love taking their pictures and its so much fun to put yourself in so many different places.
This time I will be taking their pictures and turning them all into tiny little earth-saving Lorax’s (Loraxes?) (Loraxi?) …no matter how I spell that, spell check tells me it’s wrong. Anyway, I think it’s going to be stinkin’ CUTE!! I’ll get back to you on that when we actually get started tomorrow! 🙂








Mermaid Painting


Awhile back, I posted about a mermaid painting I made for one of my little girl’s friends this summer. I had a request for another so I finished it up today. Not my usual style of painting but I must give the masses (this other friend) what they demand! 🙂


A birthday party for an artist…


My baby girl will turn 6 within the month and she wanted her birthday party to be an art party. The child loves to make art – who knows where she gets it – and would do that nonstop if the supplies were endless. We painted on canvases, ran around like crazy people, and ate some tasty treats.
Thank goodness for pinterest! I don’t know how I ever came up with my own ideas before the act of pinning became an addiction. 🙂 I’ll share some more pictures when I get them off my camera!