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¡Cinco de Mayo!


I’m trying all new projects in honor of the upcoming celebration of Cinco de Mayo. It involves lots of painted paper, printmaking, and collage. Every grade has a project they are going to be working on in the coming weeks so I’ll be sharing as we go. Check out some of our prep work.  Lots of these ideas are coming from the awesome art blog, Painted Paper.  She did an entire art show on art from Mexico.  Beautiful ideas!



Jasper Johns Inspired


I’ve posted about both of these projects before but I’ve never had the classes make both projects at once or hung them together. I love it!





I love the dirty, messy quality of some of them. I like the flag as the background for the second one. I think the third one has a watercolor look to it. And I love the primary colors in the last one. Enjoy!

Just Tri Me

Just Tri Me

Fourth graders are learning all about triangles so we are INTEGRATING and doing some awesome triangle art.  I found a triangle art lesson HERE and adapted it for use in a fourth grade classroom.  I also saw in the comments about the Vi Hart video and the kids La-HUUV (love) it.  Check out where we are so far…





This MIGHT be the coolest thing EVER.








Even more examples!


Let’s Open a Bag o’ Crazy!

Let’s Open a Bag o’ Crazy!

After attending the Art of Ed online conference, I was again inspired to step out of my comfort zone and let the kids go crazy, making some Valentines.  I have always loved the IDEA of putting out a bunch of stuff and letting the kids just have a ball with it in their own, different, personalized ways.  But in real life, I am not entertaining 12-14 perfect angels in my own classroom with an endless (or even reasonable) amount of time to play.  In REAL life, I am educating 18-21 sweet and well-meaning first graders in 40 minutes on a cart.  I have to get things set up and then cleaned up and put away within those 40 minutes because I have another class waiting on me up two flights of stairs.  The stairs are not the problem.  And I can be the most prepared and organized person in the world but I will never be a magic genie that can wiggle my nose and make everything clean and tidy (no matter how many times or how hard I’ve tried!!!)

With that said, I attempted this last week.  It was crazy but great!  I couldn’t have asked for a better, more patient set of students.  Some of them didn’t even get to touch paint until 5 minutes before I had to start cleaning up.  But no one complained and they were all pleased with their artwork.  It was so bright and colorful and heartfelt, you just have to love it.  It made them feel like real artists and that is what I strive for in EVERY class.

So, here’s to choice-based art and dirty tables…






Art Journal: Weaving

Art Journal: Weaving

After taking a few weeks off from art journaling, we are cracking the spines and jumping back into filling our pages with personal and meaningful artwork. Today was a catch up day so I let the kids have some free time with their books to get them back into the journaling. Before the end of the class, I showed them a bit about what we would be doing next week: mixed media weaving. I encouraged the kids to bring in scraps from home to add to the scraps I’ll have for them to use. Here is my example. I’ll post pics of theirs as we go!





3 Years of Blogging!


How exciting!  Today is the 3 year anniversary of TinyArtRoom!  I feel I have come far in these 3 years.  When I first started, I was taking pictures of everything with my digital camera and then downloading them to the computer and then uploading them to the site then writing my post and inserting as I went.  Now I mostly use the WordPress app on my iPhone and iPad and it is so much faster and easier!  Now, more than ever, I am enjoying sharing my student artwork and the lessons I find and/or design.  I didn’t really discover the world of art teacher blogs until I started my own.  It is such a sharing community and I love to see all the amazing lessons by my peers.  Pinterest has kind of taken over but I still visit all of my favorite blogs on a regular basis.  

So to all my regular visitors and to the new visitors, thank you for coming to see what we are doing in this tiny corner of the art world!  

Y’all come back soon, ya hear! 😉