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Aerial View Snowmen


Second grade started their aerial view snowmen this week. Projects like this almost always showcase the kids different personalities. There are usually some very neat and tidy ones, some cute ones, some funny ones, and some that you might think are not going to be recognizable as snowmen but end up being the most creative and fun.

Here is what we have so far:

We started with a small 6×6 piece of paper for the background. We added snowflakes and swirls and dots with a white crayon and then painted with blue watercolor. We have already made one other crayon resist project this year but it never fails to make them ooh and aah when they see it happen.


Then we used oil pastels to draw a circle inside each of our snow balls. We used our fingers to smudge around the edges to give it a more 3d quality.


Next, we cut our circles out and glued the largest to the background. I had small squares of cardboard cut for them to stack two together between the remaining parts of the snowman.



Next week we will finish adding the details of the carrot nose, stick arms, and the scarf! Can’t wait to see all the personalities emerge!

The snowmen are finished and they are so cute!