A Flock of Cardinals


I’ve done this cardinal lesson for several years and I usually do a directed drawing. This year I wanted to see if the students could draw the birds on their own because we had already made the owls by directed drawing. We looked closely at the cardinal and broke it down into shapes before we started drawing (just like with the owls except we did it while we drew the owls). I put several photos of cardinals in the snow up on the activboard and let them draw on their own. Some of them were questionable but I didn’t make them change it. I have them red, brown, and white paint and instructed them to paint their birds red, branches brown, and add snow with the white. This week we used crayons to add the yellow/orange for the beak and black for the masks.
It never fails to amaze me when I see their work, how different they all are and their different levels of ability.
Here are the results of one class:









“Hoo” Loves Fall Art?


Finally got around to taking pictures of another bulletin board I put up in the entry way of my school. The projects were both done with First graders and I thought they looked so nice together, I put them all on one board. It’s just a select few, but I just don’t have the time or space to put up all of their work. The first project was the Fall trees and we discussed warm and cool colors and the changing leaves. I have two versions of a tree that I use for Kindergarten and First grades. The first graders’ tree is much more intricate and difficult to cut out. It tests their cutting skills and these guys all did great.
The second project was the step-by-step owls and we discussed shapes before and during the drawing of the owls. The all look similar but they all have their own little personalities. I found different versions of this on Artsonia and at Art Projects for Kids! 🙂