Bee Keeping Beauties

Bee Keeping Beauties

All of my classes are currently making art that deals with North Carolina agriculture. Lots of people in our state keep bees and this lesson is a great way to tie art, science, social studies, and real life all into one beautiful project. 

We start with a discussion on NC Ag and bees. Then we watch this great video for kids about bees and why they are so very important: bee video. Then we finish with a demonstration of printmaking with bubble wrap and the linocut of a bee. 

On the second day of the project, we add a little color to the bees and then cut them out and glue them onto the honeycomb. 

Then we add some bright, colorful flowers around the edge to entice our bees to stay and hang out for awhile. 🙂


A quick little artist statement about how they created the piece or why bees are so important is a great way to add a writing aspect to this project! 


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