Countdown is ON!!!

Countdown is ON!!!

who am I kidding? It’s been on. We are just now in the single digits. The artists in the tinyartroom have been very busy…

In first grade we have been making BIG BUGS. We looked at photos and then drew them in pencil before tracing with black crayon. Then we colored them with payons aka watercolor crayons (my new favorite art supply for k-2s) and then painted with water. They are so bright and colorful and beautiful. 


Third graders have also been working on insects but we were inspired by Henri Matisse and made them out of cut paper. 

I shared photos of my sweet kitty, Nala, with my kinders while we were talking about Laurel Burch and then we drew our own crazy and colorful cats. 

Second graders discussed Marc Chagall and we had fun reminiscing over good memories and then drawing them in the Chagall style. 

Fourth graders finished up their Egyptian Pharoah and queen portraits…



And finally, I ordered 6 art games for these last days of school – 3 go fish (art versions), spot the differences, memory, and an art history game. I got them all on Amazon and all totaled, it cost about $85. Totally worth it. 



Oh, and one more thing:




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