Written Self Assessment


This post will probably be as boring as it sounds but it’s about something that I am required to do now and I would love some feedback.
My fifth graders were working on their daydreaming self portraits and in the middle of the project, I had them stop and reflect on how it was going so far. I think this really helped some of them. The questions I asked were:
1. Are you following the objectives for this project: using real and imaginary sources for inspiration?
2. What is your opinion of your project so far? Are you happy with it? Not liking it?
3. What will you do differently to fix anything you are not happy with?

These are a few of the results that I thought gave good answers and were able to complete their projects and meet all of the objectives.











I would love to hear feedback and what you do in your classroom on all grade levels.


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  1. Dear TinyArtRoom

    I‘m so excited you posted this.
    I’ve been giving critique questionnaires at THE END of the project because I thought that would be a good idea.

    But I think your idea is BRILLIANT, especially if it is long and drawn out.

  2. I have my older students write artist statements about all their work and they look very similar to those your shared. I had not considered stopping them and having them critique while they are still in process and could make changes more easily. You’ve given me food for thought.

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