New Year, New Beginnings, New Budget

New Year, New Beginnings, New Budget

So last year I shared with you a picture that embodied how I felt about the first day of workdays. I will now do the same for this year:

Bless. We were all just having too much fun to do the whole work thing! But I’m over it now and back in work mode/teacher mode/get up on time like a responsible adult mode. (Ha, not really. That’ll NEVER happen!)
Of course we’ve all been working ridiculously hard and yet I feel I have little to show for it. Meetings meetings meetings… But today will be the day! I will get ALL of my bulletin boards put up. I will get my table labels on tables that I will clean. I will even crack open the old lesson plan book (again, not really – I’m a tech girl living in a digital world. Now read that again like you’re Madonna.)
Well, here is what I have so far:
We will be learning the colors from my table labels in French, Spanish, Dutch, and Greek this year. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: thank goodness for Google Translate.

And then I’ve also completed one entry way bulletin board. Thanks to Mercedes Benz and Katie Morris for this awesome idea!


Alright, it’s 7am and I still haven’t gotten out of bed – see, I told you I would never really be a responsible adult!


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