3 Years of Blogging!


How exciting!  Today is the 3 year anniversary of TinyArtRoom!  I feel I have come far in these 3 years.  When I first started, I was taking pictures of everything with my digital camera and then downloading them to the computer and then uploading them to the site then writing my post and inserting as I went.  Now I mostly use the WordPress app on my iPhone and iPad and it is so much faster and easier!  Now, more than ever, I am enjoying sharing my student artwork and the lessons I find and/or design.  I didn’t really discover the world of art teacher blogs until I started my own.  It is such a sharing community and I love to see all the amazing lessons by my peers.  Pinterest has kind of taken over but I still visit all of my favorite blogs on a regular basis.  

So to all my regular visitors and to the new visitors, thank you for coming to see what we are doing in this tiny corner of the art world!  

Y’all come back soon, ya hear! 😉


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  1. Hello, I visit regularly. I have done may of the projects with my second graders. Loved the elf legs at Christmas. Keep up your fine creative work for those of us not quite so out of the boxI am 67, working in a DoDDS school in Stuttgart, SchoolI am retiring in June, 2014 Thanks for the wonderful art ideas. A much missed activity in young children’s world of todaytoo many cell-phones, i-pads, and not enough brushes, and water colors. Keep up the good work.

    My pleasure meeting you here,

    John Spriggs


  2. Thank you so much for your comment, John. I am trying to push myself to step out of the box a little more this year. Tech is great – I can’t imagine life without it – but kids and adults both need to put it down and get their hands dirty sometimes. 🙂

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