I knew I was important!


Some people are jealous that I “get to sit around and color with kids all day.”  Some days, that is true.  I do sit down with the kids and I make the art project with my class.  It’s a huge stress reliever to get a pack of crayons and a coloring book (yes, I said, “coloring book”) and just get lost in the *art* of staying in the lines.  Some days are scribble all over the place and let some anger out days.  Some days are A BIG Siiiiigghhh day because you just refilled all the glue bottles and you see a kid with a puddle of white on their paper.  But EVERY day is an important day in the life of each child I have in my classroom.

When they are cutting, they are growing muscles in their tiny little fingers that will help make them a better writer.  When they are choosing which color or shape or line they want to use, they are becoming better problem-solvers learning to think critically.  When we talk about all the fun stuff that is involved in the Chinese New Year, they are learning about other cultures and confirming their natural instinct to be tolerant of all people.  While they are “playing in art class” they are preparing to win awards, make discoveries, and change the world.

Yes, you should be jealous.  I DO love my job.

Check out this awesome article:




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  1. I have so much respect for teachers like you, Who teach the beauty of art and life to the little ones. I love how creative they get with the world they see through their eyes, Thank you for following my blog 🙂

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  3. Hej Tina. DU skrev så bra så jag lånade din text och länkade till din blogg. Även svenska bildlärare behöver förstå hur viktiga de är… 🙂

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