Aaaand BOOM, I’m back from a two(+) week hiatus. It’s been Christmas-ing all over the place and then we rang in the new year and I blinked my eyes and it was time to go back to work. Let the COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER begin!!!

But first, I’ll show you what I’ve been up to these past few weeks…

I decorated my house for Christmas! (Did you think I was going to show you art stuff?)

We attended a gingerbread house decorating party – SO much fun!


I went on a Christmas tour of homes and saw a piece of artwork that a former student did in my class! (Validation feels so good!)IMG_6110

Went on a behind the scenes tour of Johnson and Wales University and had an amazing meal made for me and my DKG sisters.IMG_6121


Had breakfast with my hubby and tiny coffee cups!IMG_6147

Gave our wish lists to Santa (at Tractor Supply!?)

Katy asked for soft chewy treats and a new coat!IMG_6153

Organized some of my paint!IMG_6156

Made snowman pancakes with bacon accessories! IMG_6159

Went to Lowe’s. (They didn’t mean to dress alike but the smaller one was thrilled.)IMG_6215

Took naps.IMG_6229

Looked at pictures of snow – because we sure didn’t get any here.IMG_6253

And last, but not least, celebrated the new year with the bffs!

IMG_6235Life is good and they are calling for freezing rain and snow this week so the last picture I will share is this:


I hope you all had a fantastic break and are ready for the next 5 months.  ❤


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