Hand-Painted Yoga Mat


I really enjoy practicing yoga. My daughter loves it too. She attends a kids yoga class at our local studio, the same place I like to go as well – though I don’t get to go as often as I would like. This is going to sound so cheap, but I didn’t want to buy her her own mat until I knew she really enjoyed it and would continue going to classes. Weeks turned to months and months have turned into 2 years of yoga classes and sharing the same mat. I just keep forgetting to get her one! So my plan is to get her one for Christmas. But after two years of sharing a mat with a sticky, sometimes a little grungy, kid my mat is looking a little gross. So I decided to paint it.
I see hand painted mats selling on Etsy for $75 or more. Surely I could paint one myself! And what better opportunity to test out my skillz (oh yeah, with a z) than a dirty old mat that needs replacing anyway? So last night I went to work!
Check it out!


Yoga mat #2




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  1. Hi Michelle!
    I came across your hand painted yoga mats on pinterest – they are absolutely beautiful! I would love a mat like the dancer one you painted on top for my teacher training classes. Would you ever consider selling one like it?

  2. Beautiful job!!! I am wanting to do this with a group of teenage girls i teach toga with. Did you use regular craft paint? And did you use anything over it to protect the art, like a sealer? Thanks!

    • Hi Molly! I just used the apple barrel brand of acrylic paint. If you’re painting on a darker color mat, you might want to block out your design with white paint first. I didn’t use sealer and mine has lasted for quite awhile. I suppose you could but it might effect the slip resistance. Have fun!

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