Why I blog…


I started blogging three school years ago. I had discovered all these amazing art teacher blogs (pre-Pinterest) and was so inspired by all the lessons these wonderful teachers were sharing. I decided to start my own blog in order to share my own lessons, organize them digitally where I could have access anywhere there was internet, and to show off my awesome students’ abilities.
Every week I was putting up beautiful and creative artwork on my bulletin boards in the schools and approximately 400 people would see it. Now, I post a picture on my blog and ANYONE can see it! That student’s mom can see it. Her grandma that lives three hours away can see it. His brother in Afghanistan can see it. Even the artist we were learning about can see it! (Amazing moment for me, personally!)
When I use my blog in class to show an example, the kids are always so pumped to see their own personal artwork in such a public arena. It makes them feel special and important and acknowledged and respected. I love blogging and hope to continue for many many years!


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  1. This is the main reason I keep my blog happening – the second thing my kids ask when they come in the room (after ‘what are we doing today?’) is ‘who’s turn is it to be on the internet?’
    I keep it very random (one person from the top, the middle and the bottom of the roll), and allocate before we even begin the session, so there is no suggestion that I am picking my ‘favourite’ picture … sometimes I add in an extra piece when a kid makes a ‘this is the best thing I’ve ever done’ type statement! It is such an incentive to them to have a ‘real’ audience – and their faces just light up when I suggest that they email the address to relatives who live interstate or overseas. Love it!!

    • So true, Elizabeth! They love it and it keeps them working hard and doing their best. They will be the first generation of artists with this kind of exposure! It’s crazy to think about it in the long term!

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