Around the classroom…

Around the classroom…

Here are some new things I have going on in my classroom.
I now post the “I can” statements on the board for each grade.



I also have a Free Draw Challenge. It’s a list of challenges for them to do if they have extra time and want to “free draw.” In the past, I let them draw whatever on their free draw paper and sometimes I would get nice drawings but most of the time I would see tic tac toe or them writing their name or a bunch of scribbles. This gives them a choice while still keeping them focused on a complete picture.


This is a new page of challenges for Fall/Halloween.


And this last picture is not a new thing but I laminated it and hung it in a different spot. I think it’s so pretty. I have four more color wheels to laminate and hang around it.


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    • I actually got the idea from Tracey Smith. She sent the rising 6th graders a summer challenge to turn in to her for extra credit when they came to her in August. I thought it was a great idea and just tweaked it for free drawing. I am putting up new ones every once in awhile so they aren’t doing the same things all year. I’ll take a picture of the new one I posted today. : )

  1. Love your free draw challenge idea! I am using it…just made a template with 12 shapes to write in, I will use the same template every month and just write the ideas in myself. We don’t have much free drawing time, but there are always those few who need something to do. I love that kids want to make books with their free time, but do they have to use so much paper? And I feel like the paper police when I say “Only one per person”. This is something to keep them focused and can be used by every grade level K-8.

    • I agree, Liz. I do feel like the paper police when I say ONE per person but it has to be said or they would go through it like crazy. I use recycled paper from the work rooms but I have to check to make sure there isn’t sensitive material on it or tests/answers or anything. And before I agree to let them free draw, I have to approve their artwork and we have to agree that they have given 100% on their actual assignment before they are allowed to go to the free draw box. 🙂

  2. I have tried to write my “I can” statements on laminated paper before, and it is really hard to clean off. What kind of marker did you use? Or are yours not laminated and something else instead?

  3. I just moved to Art from 1st/2nd grade. Is there any place to buy “I can” statements like i could in my grade level classroom? Im not sure how to writ my own, but could REALLY use them! I love your free time idea too!

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