Three Days on the AT


New adventure of the week:
Hiking three days on the Appalachian Trail. We took a group of 14 to hike from Roan Mtn to 19E – a road that the AT crosses. I think it was around 15 miles or so.
Last year, we hiked the Greyson Highlands. Something new for this year, for me, was that I left my tent at home. The day before I left for the trail, I went to REI and bought the ENO hammock shelter system. I loved it!
We stayed at Overmountain Shelter the first night and I was pretty chilly after a front moved in with some rain and much colder air. But I didn’t have to sleep on the floor with the mice and chipmunks so I was happy!
We camped at Doll Flats the second night and despite heavy rains and crazy winds, I still stayed dry and warm(thanks to some borrowed longjohn pants.) I might just be a hammock convert but I’ll need to spend a few more nights out in it before I decide for sure.
I loved how easy the set up went with the Atlas straps as well as the guardian bug net and the pro fly.
We saw some African Angora goats on Jane Bald. I was totally amazed by the beauty of Little Hump and Big Hump Mtns. And I got to see the Asa Gray Lily! It was really one of the most scenic trips I’ve ever been on. Amazing experience overall.
Check out some pictures!







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