Van gogh’s Chair


I just started a project with fifth grade this week. I’ve seen it on several blogs and Pinterest so I’m not sure of the original source. This is the link to the site I have been using as an example. We are making one kind of big change though – instead of making the chair a pop up, we are just creating a normal background and then making a separate chair out of an index card that can be moved around.
This first class we looked at the original painting and reviewed what we already know about Van Gogh and his style of painting. Then we started creating our backgrounds. Next week we will finish up our backgrounds and start on the chairs. I’ve created a little step by step slideshow to hopefully help with this process. Click here and let me know what you think of the video! I used the ProShow app on my iPad to make the slideshow. It was super easy and I highly recommend it! I only have the free version right now but will be purchasing the $4.99 upgrade.










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