Rainbow Umbrellas


My friend and fellow art teacher shared this super eye-catching project at our last art teacher meeting and I believe it can be found at her blog, Color It Like You Mean It! 🙂

I am doing this project with second grade and they are loving it! Rebekah’s step by step instructions were great and *everyone* has created a fantastic piece so far! I’ll add more pictures next week after we paint our umbrellas!







Today we finished our umbrellas, painted our puddles, and used our pinky finger to paint raindrops!






My bulletin board with the umbrellas! I’ll add some “May flowers” soon!



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    • I added the link now! I was writing from my phone and didn’t want to mess up the link so I just waited until I was at a desktop computer. It is an adorable project and the kids are totally impressed with themselves after the finish drawing the umbrellas. : )

  1. Yes, I would love step-by-step diections too! I would like to adapt this for kindergarten. We currently do an umbrella project, but I like this one better.

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  3. Curious if this lesson is about the color wheel or rainbow colors, as a color wheel would have either 6 or 12 spaces and a rainbow seven. This has eight.

    • Julie, this is more about just rainbow colors than the rule-specific color wheel. You could always adjust your umbrella to include the number you needed to make it into a color wheel activity.

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