Kinder Weaving


Oh my goodness. This is not a project for those with limited patience. Still not sure that I’ll survive it myself and I feel like I have a pretty good supply.
I found this project and thought it looked nice. It’s definitely not something I’ve ever attempted before and I have the largest classes i have ever had. I printed the lines on the construction paper with the copier and it was great scissor-using practice. But then we had to start weaving… Whew! A few kids picked it up right away. I’m hoping that next week, after round two, I can get them all on board.












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  1. I’m sure they will turn out great. In the past, I’ve had them write X,O,X,O, etc on the all the warp strands and then they can pick up all the ‘X”s, etc. Seems to be an easier process than setting them free, ha. Just a tip.

    • Great idea! I think the scrapbook patterned paper kind of messed them up too. Some of them got it when I had them turn it over so it was just white and whatever color their loom was. I will try the X’s and O’s next week! 🙂

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