Color Wheel Zen


Finally, the day has come for me to use a Zentangle! I discovered these beauties awhile back and even posted about wanting to do them, but now I have found a way to use them and add color. In discussing the art element of color with 3rd graders, I didn’t want to do the name color wheel that i’ve done before but I really didn’t have any other plan. As I was browsing Pinterest (a forgetful idea-hoarder’s dream?) I came across this beautiful picture, which led me to an artist’s flickr page. She makes artist trading cards and apparently this was one of them.

I wanted mine to come full circle instead of just going across the page. I tried letting the kids divide it up themselves, but most of them had too many sections and some people didn’t cross them on top of each other, so finally I just made copies of my original 6-section square. We looked at some examples of zentangles, showed them the original that I loved, and then we got started! I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!


Here’s my finished product. We had to take a break to work on some bookmarks for moms this past week so hopefully the color wheels will be finished by next week!



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