Teacher Work Day (Seven of them!)


After I put my ugly cry face away, I got on with my day and completed the first two work days of the year. Most of that time was spent in meetings of course, but I did get to work in my room for a bit on Friday. I hung my new name sign on the door and had to put my rules and expectations in a new location because of my newly installed projector! I’ll be sharing more photos as I get everything together again!

I did come across this very cool lesson plan today: http://www.thesmartteacher.com/exchange/resource/328/Didier-Triglia-Head-Cans

Recycling, painting, mixed media… I love it and can’t wait to raid the recycling bin at work! : )Image

This is my example in progress:



Added some bling (aka, glitter glue) and painted my background. The last thing I’ll do is experiment with how to attach the can to the background. I’m hoping a little hot glue will do the trick, but, we’ll see!



Hot glue seems to have worked! Final product is done! Makes me laugh!



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  1. I love your blog-you are exposing so many kids (outside of your school) to art. We did this can project and it turned out amazing!

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