Ugly Cry Face



It’s here! The first day back. Yes, I am still laying in bed, in semi-denial, even as I write this. When I finish, I will have to throw the covers back, roll out of my warm comfortable bed that I usually lay in until around 8… Or until whenever I feel like getting up, and then start the journey to teaching year number 8!
I really am okay with all of this and am very thankful that I still have a job in today’s economy. But let’s be honest -hanging out, doing whatever you want, is the best thing ever and who would WANT to quit that?

I’m actually looking forward to today. To meeting new coworkers. Working once again with former coworkers that I have missed. Walking into school, knowing that I truly have a home base and I get to go to it every single day! This year will be different but I can’t wait to get started!

SO, I guess it’s time to shut down the ugly cry face before, as my mother always warned, it freezes this way.

Coffee time!


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  1. We’ve been back since July 27th! Kids have been back since Aug. 1st! Talk about a short summer. I was very excited about “balanced calender”….then it happened! I think it will be ok…but will take some getting use to.

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