Longest Week Ever.


On Tuesday I thought, “It’s only Tuesday?!?!” On Wednesday, multiple times, I thought, “Yay, it’s Friday!!” …only to be severely disappointed (multiple times.) Thursday I thought I was dying. And today… FINALLY, it’s FRIDAY!!!! Right? Please don’t tell me if it isn’t, ha! Just let me live in oblivion as I like it there. Maybe it was that extra February day. Killer!!!

Anyway, one of the things I’ve been working on all week is a website. I am supposed to create a page for my school’s website and I could’ve just put a big link to my blog on there and been done, but that’s not how I roll! I love creating websites, so I have been sucked into that world for the past week or so. I have also been creating pages for my co-workers and have really been enjoying it. I don’t think many of them have linked to their pages (we are doing it through Google Sites) but I will post when I see some of them sharing.

My site can be found here: Mrs. Osborne’s Art Room

I would love some feedback – what is missing, what you like, etc…

Oh, and…


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