Whoa, Nelly!


Why do I feel like it should still be December 27th? Is time really speeding up? I know I’m not the only one who feels this way as I had a 5th grader tell me yesterday that he couldn’t believe how fast 2011 went by and that it was already 2012. It’s always good to have your life observations confirmed by a 5th grader, ha! Another thing I realized is that I have totally slacked on the blog posts! I should have gotten caught up on this over the break but chose to lay on the couch, reading books and eating cheese and grapes like I am Socrates or something. Whatever, I enjoyed it. BUT, we are back to work and my days as a lazy philosopher are over. It’s time to suck it up and get on top of some posts. I have lots of pictures and ideas to share so I will *hopefully* be publishing lots of posts in the next few days.

To start off the Posting Extravaganza of 2012, I will share some artwork that my 5th and 2nd graders did. 2nd grade discussed how to show people in motion and since it is January and you have all of that resolution stuff going on (and I’m a runner) I decided to show them some Jacob Lawrence Olympic artwork as well as some other “runner art.” I put up a couple different photos of runners from different angles and had them pick one to draw. Here are a couple of cute ones.

The 5th graders did some “Fast, Fancy Feet” and had the joy of taking off their socks and shoes to trace their feet. I asked them to use color to show energy and life and movement in a still object. I really liked some of their results!

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