Santa Claus is coming to town…


Sorry about the annoying songs for titles thing… I love christmas music! Anyway, here is my Cropped Watercolor Santa lesson.

I love doing this lesson (with 3rd graders) because it forces them to draw and think in a different way than they are used to drawing. Zooming in on something doesn’t seem to be a natural tendency for most and they sometimes have a hard time wrapping their heads around this concept. I tell them to really focus on the face and don’t forget about important details like, “NO BUG EYES!” and “Santa is an old man so give him bushy old man eyebrows!”

It’s also a great watercolor technique lesson because we mix colors for the skin and I have started telling them that Santa shouldn’t look like he just overdid it in the spray tan booth. (hehe!) We also discuss how important it is to use just the right amount of water and color so that you can control where the paint goes. These always showcase different drawing styles and I love it.





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