Crayon Drip paintings…


Call me crazy… Call me brave… I’ll let you know how I feel when it’s over. 🙂 I am going to attempt to create some crayon drip paintings with several grades in the coming weeks. I will add pictures as we progress! I found this idea on Mrs. Picasso’s Art Blog and she gives credit to first seeing the idea at this Etsy Store. Let me know if you attempt this!!!




I’ve pretty much decided that I will not be doing this project again unless I start teaching middle school or high school. The kids really do love it but it has been so time-consuming. I only have one heat gun and I have to stand right there with them while they do it so they don’t catch their papers on fire! I think this would be a fine project for older kids who can be more independent, but it’s just not working out well with the younger ones.

Here are a couple of finished products that did look good!



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