Jackson Pollock-style Hide-A-Name


Jackson Pollock created “Mural” in 1943 and it’s now hanging in the University of Iowa Museum of Art. There are claims that he hid the letters of his name in the painting. I had my students study the painting and see if they could find the letters. We only found a few. : ) So then we went to work creating our own hide-a-name pictures.

First I had them fold their paper in half and write their name, in cursive, only on the top half. Then they paint their names with black paint and fold it over to make a symmetrical print. They painted over the print if it didn’t transfer very dark.

Next, I gave them blue, yellow, and pink paint, reviewing how to mix colors and to rinse their brushes in between! After they paint and it dries, they use oil pastels to add additional lines to further hide their names. I think they are turning out well!

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